146 Caribou Road, Port aux Basques, NL, Canada

The Place Where the Mountains Meet the Ocean.

Port aux Basques - Newfoundland Labrador

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Visit the Railway Heritage Museum and Hook & Line Interpretation Centre

Railway Heritage Centre

Not far from the Memorial Park is the Port aux Basques Railway Heritage Centre. This site reflects the voyages that began over 100 years ago, when the railway was connected with the Gulf Ferry for travel to mainland Canada and beyond. Take a walk back in time to recapture the importance of the railway to Newfoundland's history and to have a firsthand look at the legacy that the railway left behind.

Hook & Line Interpretation Centre

In 2003, an old Community Bait Shed at Burnt Islands was transformed into this beautiful Interpretation Centre. The Hook & Line Museum is a beehive of activity where visitors can see local fisherman baiting their trawl, and offers a unique opportunity to witness firsthand how fishermen prepare their catch for the fishery. Historical artifacts, display panels and storyboards make the centre an interpretive, educational and unique attraction. The Hook & Line Interpretation Centre hosts a coffee / craft shop for your pleasure and convenience.


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