146 Caribou Road, Port aux Basques, NL, Canada

The Place Where the Mountains Meet the Ocean.

Port aux Basques - Newfoundland Labrador

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Small Business Week 2019 Day One

Monday October 21

Small business week begins in Port Aux Basques from October 21 to the 25th, we are excited to see may new faces involved.  Here in the first day of the event we had the following happen;

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Top 4 things to do in Newfoundland in the Winter

As terrible as the Newfoundland weather can be throughout the winter months, it provides excellent opportunities for snow and ice related activities that are not possible in the summer. If you plan on visiting Newfoundland this winter, here are some activities you can fit into your schedule:

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The Port Life

The deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean is your constant companion as you make your way along the coastal drive to Port aux Basques.

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Southwestern Newfoundland Lighthouses

The South West coast area is home to four beautiful and distinct lighthouses, and all can be viewed and visited in one day. Each lighthouse has its own history and place in the formation of our heritage.

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Rose Blanche Day Trips

Leaving Port aux Basques, turn right and exit on Route 470. This Route will take you to the communities of Margaree/Fox Roost, Isle aux Morts, Burnt Islands, Diamond Cove and Rose Blanche/Harbour le Cou.

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Museums in the Area

There are many museums in the area for those who like to learn of our history and culture.

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Windy Cities, Rocks and Minerals and the Horizontal Wave Forest


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See the Parks Around St. Christopher’s Hotel

Scott's Cove Park

Located just below St. Christopher's Hotel is Scott's Cove Park. Take a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk along the harbour and visit the multicoloured kiosks for a souvenir of your journey. In the summer season, live entertainment at the park is available in the evenings.

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St. Christopher’s Hotel: Golf or Explore the Outdoors

Newfoundland Trailway
The Newfoundland Trailway begins at the Port aux Basques Railway Heritage Centre. The trail has been developed through the process of improving the abandoned railway bed left from the Newfoundland Railway and is ideal for hiking, bicycling, backpacking and for ATV use. 

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Visit the Railway Heritage Museum and Hook & Line Interpretation Centre

Railway Heritage Centre

Not far from the Memorial Park is the Port aux Basques Railway Heritage Centre. This site reflects the voyages that began over 100 years ago, when the railway was connected with the Gulf Ferry for travel to mainland Canada and beyond. Take a walk back in time to recapture the importance of the railway to Newfoundland's history and to have a firsthand look at the legacy that the railway left behind.

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