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Change: The Only Constant in the Food Service Industry

In an effort to keep up with the always changing tastes and trends of the world, St. Christopher’s has decided to review and update our menu. We have made various changes including adding and removing items, changing recipes, and optimizing selections for gluten and dairy sensitivities.

A lot of work goes into redesigning a menu. First you have to decide what food items you want to serve. You then have to source the products through various wholesalers to find an item of proper quality. After finding the proper items, you have to sample the food to determine if the item matches your expectations and if it is what you want to serve to your customers. Lastly, you have to prepare different recipes to find the perfect match.

An example of this would be with our new Potato Crisps. It took a few tries to determine the best way to prepare this item for sale. We had to determine the best thickness of the potato cut, the proper temperature of the oil and duration of time to fry them, and the level of crispiness at which we would serve them.

Below is an outline of the changes we have made to our menu, including the new items we have introduced, the changes we have made, and items we have removed.

New Items:

Mixed Green Artisan Salad
  • Fresh mixed greens topped with a variety of seeds, dried cranberries and apple chunks served with sesame seed house dressing.
Sauce and Seasoning
  • Added Hong Kong Sauce and Lemon Pepper seasoning
  • Added Home Made jack Daniels Sauce for Chicken, Ribs, and Salmon. Can be served as a side for steak or pork chops
Potato crisps
  • Served with sandwiches or wraps. Available in white or sweet potato
Baja Style Fish Taco
  • Cod fillet dipped in egg then rolled in panko crumbs, deep fried to crispy golden brown, topped with salsa, sweet chilli sauce and julienne style coleslaw in ranch dressing,wrapped in warm tortilla wrap. Served with choice of house made sweet potato or white potato crisp.
Melted Ham, Cheese, and Bacon Ciabatta SandwichMelted Ham Cheese & Bacon
  • Ciabatta sandwich bun, deli black forest ham, cheddar cheese and bacon finished on a sandwich press, served with regular or chipotle mayo, a choice of house made sweet potato or white potato crisp and a dill pickle.
The Beyond Burger
  • Delectable 1/4 pound veggie burger is a new breed of burgers made from plants, topped with lettuce, tomato and red onions. Served on a bun with home fries.
Penne pasta
  • Served in a rich creamy alfredo sauce with garlic bread. Chicken, Scallop, or Shrimp may be added at additional charge. Available with gluten free pasta
Parmesan ChickenChicken Parm
  • Panko parmesan chicken deep fried to a crispy golden brown and topped with marinara sauce and melted mozza cheese, served with a side of penne pasta in a marinara sauce, with garlic roll.


Panko crumbs will now be used instead of bread crumbs

Scallops have been added as an option for stir fry

Larger serving of potato skins

Removed Items:

Cod au Gratin Appetizer

Tossed Green Salad

Hot Turkey & Hot Hamburger Sandwiches

Cold Sandwich

Soup & Sandwich Deal

You can check out our menu on our dining page!

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